Conformal Coating Silicone and Acrylic

PCB UV CoatingA conformal coating, silicone or Acrylic is normally applied as a thin layer across the surface of the board, covering all components and delicate wiring. Protecting the PCB board in critical applications which are exposed to harsh environmental working conditions is essential if product failure is to be avoided. 

For any coating to be effective it must maintain good adhesion to all the component substrates, be unaffected by changes in operational temperature and be resistant to any contaminants, such as moisture and chemicals.  Its ability to flow around, under and over the components without leaving areas exposed to the atmosphere especially on sharp edges, is also important.

Most conformal coatings are clear and many formulations have a UV indicator to enable easy visual quality control inspection under an ultra violet light source.  Cure systems vary and include air drying, heat cured and UV cured.

ACC Silicones have a range of silicone and acrylic coatings which can be applied by spraying, dipping or brushhing.

For more infomation refer to the conformal coating product pages


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