Optically Clear Silicone Encapsulants

LED, Photovoltaic and other light sensitive devices require UV stable non yellowing encapsulants for protection and improved light transmission.

The table below shows a range of addition cure silicones that are temperature and moisture resistant, non-yellowing and UV stable.

Click here for a sampleOf special note is QSil222 which is self bonding to a wide range of substrates without the use of a primer.



Viscosity mPas

R I  

Mix Ratio   

Room Temp Cure   

Heat Cure

QSil216 40 4500 1.40 10:1 Yes Yes
QSil218 59 3000 1.40 10:1 Yes Yes
QSil222 40 2200 1.40 10:1 No Yes
QSil229 65 2900 1.40 1:1 No Yes
QLE1102 45 1000 1.40 1:1 Yes Yes


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EGel3000 Gel 630 1.40 1:1 Yes Yes


These materials are technically well suited to the following applications

  • LED potting
  • Outdoor signage, display and lighting
  • PV Module manufacture
  • PV Concentrator cell manufacture
  • Sealing aviation display's

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