Food Grade Silicone Moulding Rubber


Building on their wide product range ACC Silicones have formulated three food grade products for use with various foods including:

•         Chocolate
•         Confectionery
•         Icing Sugar

These new products have been thoroughly tested by an independent laboratory and certified to meet FDA CFR 177.2600 (for use with fatty and aqueous foods depending upon the grade), EC 1935/2004 and EU 10/2011.

Product Data   Feature




Mouse Click 2   All purpose grade putty with simple 1:1 hand mix 33-35
MM720FG   Mouse Click 2   Very soft suitable for deep undercuts and delicate moulding 20
MM730FG Mouse Click 2   All purpose grade 30
MM740FG Mouse Click 2   Harder rubber for larger, less intricate moulds 40

Addition Cure Chemistry

These food grade silicone moulding rubbers use Addition cure technology with the following features.

  • Low shrinkage, below 0.1%
  • High tensile and tear strength
  • Tough rubber
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Cure speed can be accelerated using heat
  • Platinum catalyst can be poisoned (*see note below)                                      

*The platinum catalyst used in all addition cures is susceptible to attack from certain chemical compounds which in turn will lead to inhibition of cure and results in a partially cured product.  Bringing the uncured material into contact with the following chemical compounds should be avoided during the manufacturing process: nitrogen, sulphur, phosphorus, arsenic, organotin catalysts, PVC stabilizers, epoxy resin catalysts, sulphur vulcanised rubbers and condensation cure silicone rubbers.


As already explained, addition cure rubbers use a platinum catalyst and the A and B parts are manufactured together as a balanced kit.  For this reason only use the A and B parts from the same kit and always weigh out and mix to the correct ratio.  The catalyst can be contained in either the A or B part of the system, as this may vary from supplier to supplier, it is important to check first if using a new material with automated dispensing equipment.  We strongly advise purging and cleaning equipment before changing to a new material to avoid cure taking place in the pump and pipe work.

Moulding Putty

The MM700FG Key Features

MM700FG A&B in tin sml   1:1 Mix ratio

MM700FG A&B in hands mix sml   Hand Mixing

MM700FG with object 3 sml   Easy to use

MM700FG mould in hand 2 sml   1.5 hrs demould

Flower   Excellent Results

MM700FG Video

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