Thermally Conductive Silicone Encapsulants

SILCOTHERM® Silicone potting materials with thermal conductivity can be used to dissipate heat away from a component to a suitable heat sink.

Addition cure silicones will provide deep section cure allowing for complete encapsulation for envronmental protection while maintaing an effective heat path.

Product Mix Ratio   Feature  Conductivity
SILCOTHERM®QSil553 1:1 Grey, Moderately low viscosity, UL94 V-0     0.68 W/mK
SILCOTHERM®QSil573 1:1 Grey, good conductivity, meets UL94 V-0 0.90 W/mK
SILCOTHERM®SE2003 1:1 Pink, good thermal conductivity 1.27W/mK
SILCOTHERM®AS1421 1-Part Grey 1-Part heat cured 2.10 W/mK


For more information about thermally conductive silicones download the ACC Product application sheet

For more information about thermally conductive silicones in Automotive download the ACC application sheet

Applications:Click here for a sample

  • Underbonnet electronics
  • Sealing sensors
  • PV & Solar power
  • LED packaging

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