Mould Making with Silicone RTV rubbers

Silicone moulding rubber finds many applications across a wide range of industries using various casting mediums. Silicone is chosen for is fine reproduction of detail, versatility, ease of use and physical strength.

RTV Silicone moulding rubbers find applications for moulding a variety of materials some are shown below

Material Application
Wax  Candles and use in the lost wax process for bronze casting
Polyurethane   Mirror and picture frames, architectural mouldings
Polyester resin                Giftware, figurines, sculptures
Plaster Covings and cornices, film studios, figurines, fireplaces
Ceramics  Earthenware pottery
Low melt alloys               Toys, models
Glass Auto windscreens
Stone filled resins           Replication of works of art, fireplaces










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