Accelerated Fast Cure RTVs

Acclerated cure RTVsThese fast curing silicone adhesives use a 10:1 twin pack cartridge and a static mixer. As they are RTV's they do not need heat and will cure at room temperature allowing components to be handled in less than 60 minutes. They come in a standard 246ml cartridge but can also be supplied in pails or drums to facilitate automatic dispencing.

Production times and costs can be reduced when compared to standard RTV Silicone adhesives. There is no need to install expensibve heating systems or ovens. They will also exhibit anaerobic cure that is they do not need atmospheric moisture to complete the cure. They can therfore be used for in deep sections not normally possible with conventional RTV's 


Mouse Click 2 AS2700 Adhesive          

    • Neutral cure for use with sensitive components
    • Excellent adhesion to most substrates including plastics
    • Grey paste

Mouse Click 2AS2701 Adhesive

    • Thermally Conductive neutral cure for bonding heat sinks
    • Good Thermal Conductivity 1.55 W/mK
    • Excellent adhesion to most substrates including plastics
    • Neutral cure for use with sensitive componenets
    • Grey paste

Mouse Click 2AS2500 Adhesive

  • Black paste
  • Good adhesion
  • Very fast cure

Mouse Click 2AS2502 Adhesive

  • Acetoxy cure with high temperature resistance up to 250°C
  • Very fast cure
  • Red paste

These materials will reduce production cycles and overall costs. Ideal for use in Electronics, automotive and many industrial applications


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