Heat cured silicone adhesives

Addition cure silicones provide fast curing alternatives to RTV silicone adhesives.

Using platinum catalysts they do not produce any harmful by-products which make them suitable for a wide range of applications including electronics. Features include:

  • Heat cured 90 to 150ºC
  • Fast cure in some cases lees than 5mins
  • Neutral cure non-corrosive
  • Excellent physical properties
  • Will cure within a sealed unit
  • Thermal ConductivityClick here for sample
Product Rheology Colour Cure speed Feature
AS1402  Paste Trans 40min@100ºC Adhesion to many substrates
AS1404 Paste    Grey 20min@100ºC High strength good adhesion
AS1420 Flowable Grey  30min@100ºC  Thermally Conductive 1.38W/mK
AS1421  Paste Grey  10min@125ºC  Thermally Conductive 2.10W/mK

As with all addition cure materials adhesion can be improved with longer cure times, post curing at elevated temperature or by using a specialist primer such as ACC Primer No3


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