Silicone for Vacuum Bag

VBS26-vacbag-stillVBS26 Silicone for Vacuum Bag Manufacture for Resin Infusion

This 1:1 Silicone moulding rubber has been specially formulated as a sprayable material.

VBS26 is a fast Addition cure silicone with high tear and tensile strength. It was developed to be applied using fully automated dispensing and spray equipment designed and manufactured by Alan Harper Composites Ltd.

The low viscosity and controlled cure profile of the silicone together with the spray equipment allow for fast and easy manufacture of the vacuum bag. The resilience, elongation and physical strength of VBS26 allow for repeated use of the vac bag. This combination provides exceptionally low cost composite manufacture using resin infusion technology.

vbs26-vac-bag-webACC Silicones manufacture VBS26 Silicone Moulding Rubber which is distributed through Alan Harper Composites.

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