Thixotroping agent for silicone rubber

Thixotroping-agent-Close-upThixotroping-agent-full-sizACC MM TA2 is a specially formulated thixotroping agent, for use with condensation cure RTV moulding rubbers. When used with the base rubber and catalyst it will turn the liquid silicone into an attractive butter-on consistency within seconds of addition. This will then allow the silicone rubber to be applied to vertical surfaces using a brush or knife.

It can be used with the standard or fast catalyst together with any of the 900 series moulding rubbers from the ACC range.

MM TA2 is frequently used when taking moulds of architectural pieces while that are still in situ. Many mould makers will brush apply the first thin coat of silicone to a model using a small amount of MM TA2 before pouring the bulk of the rubber. This will ensure good reproduction and no entrapment of air on the surface of the mould.

MM TA2 is used at a ratio of up to 2%. The more you add the thiker the rubber will become.

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