Thermal Gap Fillers


These Silicone based Thermally Conductive 1:1, 2-Part, Paste materials are designed to be used as flexible Gap Fillers in electronic assemblies. The cured material is not self-bonding but remains flexible allowing for a good interface between components or complete PCB’s and heat sinks or enclosures. They are easily applied and provide a very efficient path for heat dissipation between uneven surfaces, removing air gaps that would cause heat to build up in the component. They can be supplied in Semco® twin cartridges together with a static mixer for manual use or in bulk containers for automated dispencing.

These Gap Fillers are used in applications with wide tolerances or differences in the gap between the component or PCB and the heat sink. In some areas the gap may be close to zero in other areas it may be several mm’s. If a hard interface material is used, the pressure exerted when trying to eliminate any air gaps could be very damaging to either the PCB or delicate components.

Gap-Filler-Product-IllustraThe advantage of using a liquid dispensable Gap Filler is the ability to apply the material to very specific areas and at varying thicknesses, thus offering commercial and technical advantages. One disadvantage of a liquid system is if a rework should it be necessary is more difficult to perform.

Key Features

  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Convenient twin side by side cartridge system
  • Remains flexible over wide temperature range
  • Controlled volatile contents
  • SE2010 Flame resistant
Product Mixed Viscosity MPa Mix Ratio Colour RTV or Heat Cure Min Working Temp oC Max Working Temp oC Hardness Shore '00' Thermal Conductivity W/mK
SE2010 320000 01:01 Black RTV accelerated with Heat -60 200 50 1.70
Feature: Thixotropic paste, UL 94 V-0 and RTI @:150°C. Cures to soft rubber offering reduced thermal stress on delicate components. Controlled volatile content

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