Thermally Conductive Silicone Adhesive

SILCOTHERM® Silicone adhesives make excellent thermally conductive materials through the addition of specialist fillers. Heat can be dissipated effectively from processors, power units, LED's and any other components to improve performance and product life. They can also be used to improve heat conduction in sensors, radiators and other thermal devices.

ACC Silicones have developed a range of high thermally conductive materials using there patented silicone technology for specialist electronic applications. The liquid nature of the materials reduces air gaps and further increases the effective dissipation of heat when compared with other preformed materialsClick here for sample

Product     Rheology Conductivity W/mK   Feature
SILCOTHERM®AS1420 Flowable 1.38 Heat Cured
SILCOTHERM®AS1421 Paste 2.10 Heat Cured
SILCOTHERM®AS1607 Paste 1.58 White
SILCOTHERM®AS1701 Paste 0.60 Black UL94-V1
SILCOTHERM®AS1802 Self levelling 2.30 Grey
SILCOTHERM®AS1803 Self levelling 1.55 Grey
SILCOTHERM®AS2701 Paste  1.55 RTV Fast cure 2 -Part

For details on thermally conductive encapsulants and greases please see our specialist pages

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